June 6, 2008

Love sees what it wants to see

Why is it, I wonder, that I never remember to avoid projects that have a lot of stitches to pick up, especially when those stitches are for ribbing? I guess, if you fall in love with a pattern, you dismiss potential complications.

It usually takes me a couple tries before I pick up the right number, at the right tension, so that everything lies flat. (Or is it "lays flat"... another thing I can't get right.)

The Honeycomb vest has ribbing around the neck and armholes. Ribbing around the neck and arms is either perfect or it's crap. There's no middle ground. I like to eyeball things and improvise, but that usually doesn't work for ribbing...I'm going to have to rip out the first armhole's ribbing. Sigh. I wonder if icing one's head is as effective as icing one's feet?

I hope the Honeycomb will be a success and that the recipient will like wearing it. I hope she won't mind if it's a day or two late. I hope she looks on it with the eyes of love.

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