January 19, 2010

Hand-knit running garb

Don's collection of hand knits for running is growing. He needed another hat because the Well-received hat grows like crazy in the rain. He wore it in a rainy six-mile race and was in danger of running blind because it got so long.

I improvised this slightly smaller, ribby version out of the last of the Elann Superwash Worsted (discontinued) left over from the Argyle Man sweater. The Well-received hat is still useful for dry weather or sitting in a cold house.

I like these mittens. They're a generic mitten I improvised after looking at a few patterns. I made right and left hands because I think it's more comfortable to have the thumb offset rather than sticking straight out from the side. The gusset starts about 55% from the start (or end) of the round.

They are light but plenty warm enough. Anything thicker would be too warm for running in our climate. I finished them just before Christmas when the weather here was unusually cold, 10 or more degrees below freezing. I confess that I took them on a 14-mile test run before wrapping them up for Don. My hands were really cold ,and I only had polyester or acrylic gloves. I did wash them afterwards!

I knit them with Austermann Step, a lovely sock yarn. I bought it years ago and nearly feinted when the clerk gave me the total for 2 skeins. It was over $40. Since then, I've become more accustomed to the price of yarn, but for a long time I couldn't think of a worthy project for such costly materials.

I think this was the right choice. Warm hands on a long winter run are deserving of a little luxury.

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