November 12, 2009

A Well-received Hat

A couple of years ago, I made Don a hat with alternating cables and ribs. The little cabled hat hasn't seem much action over the years.

I thought maybe Don just didn't like wearing hats. But, last year when we ran in a 5k Turkey Trot, we got free, black, acrylic beanies as part of our goody bags. He's worn that hat quite a bit, including during a prolonged cold snap last winter when he was walking to and from work in the snow. Aside from a little patch with a turkey on it, the hat is plain stockinette stitch. It's a nice enough hat as those things go. But, not nicer than a hand-knit, cabled hat!

I began to suspect that cables were not Don's thing, especially when he referred to a man's cabled sweater pictured in a magazine as "frilly."

So, I made him this plain, blue beanie out of Elann Superwash worsted wool. It's already been on his head several times since I knit it. The hat's nothing fancy, but Don looks good in it.

He seems pretty happy wearing it in Rasummens's pumpkin patch.

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