April 8, 2009

Ziggy's stomach

Ziggy, my kitty, has been having health issues. He is 14 years old. According to a chart on the vet's exam room wall that is equal to 72 human years. With age comes dignity, wisdom, and sensitive bowels. Ziggy, I feel your pain.

His doctor is recommending trying a prescription cat food for about a month. Ziggy has long been a consumer of only the finest natural, and sometimes organic, kibbles that I can afford. But, still, the kitteh boo boos abound.

I don't like the boo boos, but mostly I don't like him to be so uncomfortable and listless. He's down 2 lbs from his normally svelte weight of 7.2 lbs. So, he will try the special food. If that doesn't work, then I might have resort to home cooking.

Does it seem ironic to that a bland diet should require a prescription?

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