March 30, 2009


In Alexander McCall Smith's novel Love Over Scotland, one of the characters muses how a friend has become tiresome. This friend became an "enthusiastic jogger," placed 52nd in a big-city race, and could no longer hold a conversation that didn't involve long-winded discussions about running.

That passage in the book made me laugh. I recognized myself in the running-preoccupied friend. I try not to talk about running too much, but it's hard. I think about it a lot. I could say the same about knitting.

I don't want to give up blogging about either topic because writing about a thing helps me to think about the thing. Also, I need to keep a detailed running log because my memory is bad.

I've started another blog to keep track of my running. Mostly, it will be of no interest to anyone but me and maybe one other person. Still, knowing that anyone could read it will keep me motivated to proofread and practice the correct use of commas.

Now this blog can be devoted to more knitterly things.

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