January 24, 2008

Knitting Weather

Today was a good day to knit. Freezing temperatures, an icy, gorge wind and white, winter sun combined to put me into a knitting mood.

The sun gave me a new appreciation for the heathery grays and blues of the yarn I’m using. I needed this new perspective because I’m sick of the stuff. It’s Classic Elite’s Skye Tweed (discontinued, I think) and though pretty, it’s dry and rough. I’ll like wearing it more than knitting with it.

But, the real reason I’m a bit put out, is it’s my second attempt at finishing a sweater with the stuff. I ripped out the first sweater I made (Drops Studio), because the shoulders and sleeves looked terrible. It’s fitting that they are called “dropped” shoulders, since not only do one’s shoulders look droopy, but so does everything immediately south of the shoulders. But the nubby texture in the Drops pattern (Drops--ironic, that) looked great, so I was happy to use the double moss stitch again in this attempt (shawl-collar sweater from Vogue Winter 2007/2008). Also, just to be safe, I altered the shoulders and set-in sleeves of the pattern to fit even closer.

I still have to finish the ribbing that runs down the neck and around the hem. That won’t be fun, but mindless knitting means that I can crack open a book to help pass the time.

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