June 1, 2015

Treetop Cat Rescue and Temple Cats Hat Pattern

Animal Planet has a new show called "Treetop Cat Rescue." It debuted Saturday and will continue to air Saturdays at 9/8 central. Along with some cute but stressed cats, the heroes of the show are Tom Otto and Shaun Shears, friends, brothers-in-law and arborists. The pair plucks stranded cats from the treetops. They don't charge for their services, but their organization, Canopy Cat Rescue and Canopy Conservation, LLC does depend on donations.

I learned through the knitting grapevine that the fellows were wearing hats knit from my Temple Cats pattern. Later I learned on Ravelry that Katie Otto, who is Tom's sister and married to Shaun, knit the hats to keep the guys warm during wintery cat rescues. I think the whole thing is pretty great!

Here's a clip from the show.


debbie humphrey said...

Where can I buy of the cat hats?

Suzanne said...

Hi Debbie, the knitting pattern for Temple Cats is available from Knit Picks at this link:


You can also find it at Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/temple-cats

I'm hoping to sell a few finished hats on Etsy this fall, but so far I haven't done that.